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Are you aware of all the risks in your life that could be contributing to poor oral hygiene or potential dental damage? If you have not done so, it is important to set up a checklist to determine which aspects of your life are impairing your oral health. If for any reason a lifestyle choice is hindering your smile, make the necessary changes to ensure your teeth and gums have their best chance of success in the future. Common dental damage risk factors include the following:

– In order to keep your smile safe from the risks associated with smoking and chewing tobacco, eliminate these unhealthy habits from your life. The same can be said for using drugs. These products can cause immediate dental damage in the form of bad breath or stained teeth, and can even lead to infections, tooth loss, and oral and throat cancers.

– Sports, especially contact sports, are known dental damage risk factors because they can lead to severe oral accidents and injuries in a single blow. Blunt trauma can destroy your smile in seconds, so it is important to make sure you are exercising caution when playing sports. This includes wearing necessary oral appliances including mouthguards, face masks, and helmets when applicable.

– Wisdom teeth are known causes of dental damage because they can often grow in incorrectly. Not only can they lead to infections and malocclusions, but they can also cause tooth decay and can potentially lead to damage to other teeth that are being forced out of position.

– Mouth jewelry you can often cause severe dental damage because of the pieces being inserted directly into your lip and tongue. Not only can they cause nerve damage and choking hazards arise, but they can also lead to infections, chipped and cracked teeth, and oral inflammation.

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