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Mouthwash is one of the many ways that you can relieve bad breath, but do you know how this is? Our team at Moats Dental is here to talk about mouthwash and how its properties can keep bad breath away. We offer a list of important mouthwash ingredients that address foul breath and promote better oral health:

Antibacterial Assistance
Bacteria is the main cause of bad breath because it builds in the warm, wet environment of the mouth, which is a natural harbor for bacteria particles. Over the course of the day, bacteria from food can coat the teeth and tongue, accumulating in crevices and causing your breath to become odorous. Mouthwash with alcohol offers antibacterial assistance to kill bacteria and remove bad breath.

The use of cetylpyridinium chloride in mouthwash is a germicide that clears away the buildup of germs as well as treats plaque so that it doesn’t cause tooth decay and gum disease. The development of dental problems can easily lead to bad breath. Germicides are long lasting even after you finish rinsing with mouthwash to keep your mouth clean.

Fluoride helps to prevent bad breath because it improves the strength of tooth enamel and makes it more difficult for cavities to develop. Fluoride mouthwash can also reduce the buildup of plaque to freshen your breath.

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