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If you frequently experience a severe or lingering discomfort when you bite into or drink a product that is sweet, acidic, hot or cold, you may be suffering from tooth sensitivity. A very common cause of tooth sensitivity is tooth enamel that has been weakened by poor oral health and acidic beverages. Our dental team can help you improve sensitive teeth by exposing your smile to fluoride treatments.

If you are not already, it’s very important that you practice effective daily oral hygiene every day, or else your mouth can become a highly acidic environment that strips the tooth enamel of its mineral density and causes the teeth to develop microscopic channels that expose sensitive dentin. Without strong tooth enamel, you can develop not only tooth sensitivity but also tooth decay and even tooth infection.

Fluoride can benefit your smile by enhancing the mineral density that makes up the tooth enamel and helping your teeth stay strong. Our dental team can offer many options for fluoride treatments to increase your exposure. We can also work with you to improve your routine for daily oral care to reduce acidity in your mouth and keep your tooth enamel in good shape.

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