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If you are struggling to speak and chew as a result of tooth loss, you may wish to consider receiving a dental bridge to restore your smile to its proper function. We offer dental bridges in Buffalo Grove, Illinois, to fill unwanted tooth gaps with a natural-looking dental restoration, and our dental team is happy to provide more information about dental bridges prior to the placement of your bridge.

Benefits of Dental Bridges
Dental bridges can perform a variety of functions that benefit your smile, such as:

– Replacing missing teeth for proper function and appearance
– Promoting clear speak and proper chewing
– Preventing a sagging facial shape
– Ensuring your bite is even to prevent TMJ disorder
– Maintaining the proper position of the nearby teeth

Dental Bridge Placement
First, we remove the tooth enamel from the neighboring teeth so that we can cover them with dental crowns that will keep the bridge in place. Impressions of your smile are then used to craft your custom-made dental bridge so that it can be cemented into place for a long-lasting finish.

Lifespan of a Dental Bridge
The expected life of a dental bridge is about 10 years minimum, depending on its level of care. It’s important to protect your dental bridges from tooth decay, which can occur if the artificial teeth accumulate plaque and food particles. When cavities develop around the dental crowns, they can weaken the dental bridge.

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