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If you ever suffered dental erosion to the point that a hole has formed in your tooth enamel, a cavity will be present. To keep your smile safe, the area will need to be cleaned out and the decayed material filled in with a reliable tooth restoration treatment known as a dental filling. For the highest quality dental fillings, speak with your dentist about the use of a composite dental filling.

If you wish to enhance your smile with a tooth-colored filling, consider the use of a composite filling.  Anytime that a tooth has suffered from a cavity and needs to be filled in and treated properly, dental fillings such as composites will need to be used. Several benefits of composite fillings include their ability to fill in extremely small cavities and blend in seamlessly with your smile. Another key benefit associated with composite fillings is that they are mercury-free and are extremely effective sealants of the margins to prevent leakage from occurring.

Composite fillings are known for their durability, as they can last up to 7 to 10 years before replacements are needed. As they are more preventative to tooth fracture, they even come with the added benefit that the original filling will not need to be removed when it needs to be replaced. Instead, your dentist can simply apply the next composite filling over the original one.

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