There are many injuries that can affect the mouth, including the teeth and jaw. Here are some common traumatic injuries in Buffalo Grove, Illinois, that our team sees at Moats Dental. If you experience any of these injuries, please contact the dentist immediately.

Chipped or Fractured Teeth

Small chips can happen by falling and smacking your tooth on something hard or by eating something hard. Chips can be fixed with bonding or veneers, or even a tooth-colored filling, if the tooth’s pulp is not exposed. If it is, a sedative filling can be placed over the pulp.

Injuries that affect the back of the teeth include fractured cusps, cracked teeth, and split teeth, which is a more serious situation. If the fractures have not reached into the roots, Dr. Moats Dental can place a dental crown. Root canal therapy is otherwise required.

Dislodged Teeth

An injury can result in a tooth being pushed out of its socket. We can try and stabilize the tooth by repositioning it, but in this circumstance, a root canal is often required a few weeks after medication is placed into the tooth. You will need to have the tooth monitored annually, to ensure the treatment is still working.

Avulsed Teeth

Avulsion happens when a tooth is completely knocked out. With this scenario, immediate attention is crucial. If you encounter this situation, pick up your tooth by the crown (the chewing portion), being careful not to touch the root. Clean the tooth if it is dirty, and then if possible try to place the tooth back into its socket and call us immediately.

We hope these injuries never occur, but know we are available to help if they do. Contact us at 847-279-1440.