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The tough outer layer of your teeth called your tooth enamel, and it contains microscopic but extremely strong mineral crystals that are densely packed together to protect the tooth. However, unanticipated development such as biting too hard on an object or a hard blow to the face can cause a chip in your enamel layer. Even if it’s only a minor fracture, we encourage you to receive treatment as soon as possible to minimize the damage to your tooth.

If you feel a sharp or persistent pain after chipping a tooth, it’s a sign that the inner layers of the tooth have also been damaged. Treating the inner part of a tooth can typically only be achieved with root canal therapy, in which Dr. Moats Dental replaces the damaged portion and caps the tooth with a dental crown.

Even if you can tell that the chip has not affected the inner tooth structure, you should still visit Moats Dental so that we can assess the vulnerable area and determine if it’s at risk of developing tooth decay later on. We may be able to use a simple filling to repair the tooth, but large chips often require dental crowns. If chips occurred in several teeth, dental veneers may be the best option.

Following any repairs to a tooth, we can strengthen the natural tooth enamel and prevent tooth decay with fluoride treatment or a supplement. If you have a chipped tooth in Buffalo Grove, Illinois, call 847-279-1440 today and visit our office at your earliest convenience.